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The Farm

We are a small family farm located in Mid Wales just outside the beautiful County town of Montgomery. We have been producing home grown fresh vegetables, for sale on our market stall in Montgomery on Thursdays and Saturday mornings. In our opinion the quality of our produce is better than large stores because it is home grown and freshly picked.

The View

We grow and sell a selection of seasonal vegetables including:-
Potatoes, Carrots, Swedes, Sprouts, Cabbages, Cauliflowers, Calibre, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Leeks, Peas, Beans, Marrows, Lettuce, to name just a few.
Plus many other vegetables grown and bought from others when we do not have them growing in our own fields.

Top Feild

UK fruit production is more seasonal than vegetables and choice is limited, therefore most of our fruit available for sale is imported although we do grow some summer fruits.

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